Présentation - Gin and Gribbage

31 mars 2017

Gin & Cribbage Challenger

The ideal companion for the GIN or CRIBBAGE enthusiast. Play anytime, even if you’re
alone. Communicates in any one of three languages - press a button to select English, German
or French. Use real playing cards or the computer will generate random deals.

1. Follows all rules of GIN RUMMY: Recognizes washouts, rejects illegal knocks.

2. Computer follows approved GIN RUMMY strategy, such as knocking frequently and
striving for safe discards.

3. Play a single game where you may knock with 10 points or less on each deal, or choose
among the following options:
- Hollywood (3 games in progress at once),
- Oklahoma (the up-card determines the maximum legal knock),
- GIN only.

4. Computer keeps score of all games, and maintains a cumulative total of points won or lost
when you start the next game(s).

1. Follows all rules of CRIBBAGE: Game ends immediately when one player scores 121
Points, rejects any play that would exceed a total of 31.

2. Computer follows approved CRIBBAGE strategy, such as selecting appropriate cards for
the crib and striving to score points during the play.

3. Computer displays each scoring play or holding, keeps score of the game, and maintains a
cumulative total of games won.

4. Select the “skunk” scoring option if you wish.

100% solid state. Solid hardwood housing, deluxe carrying case. Includes deck of custom
playing cards, felt playing field, plug-in AC transformer.
Size (approx.): 13 x 8 x 1 inches.

En un coup d'oeil...

Naissance 1982
Rom 16 Kb
Ram 1 Kb
Pile / Secteur S
Ma collection Oui